Wiz Khalifa, Cam'ron, Dave East Taking Part In World's Biggest Smoke Session

AllHipHop Staff

Weed lovers around the world will celebrate all things cannabis with Wiz Khalifa and other celebrity pot heads on 4/20.

(AllHipHop News) Wiz Khalifa, Cam'ron and Dave East are among the acts who will celebrate their love of marijuana via a live-streamed 4/20 Day celebration.

The rapper will perform a DJ set and host a "smoke session" online for cannabis lovers celebrating the special day, teaming up with marijuana technology company bosses at Weedmaps for "the world's biggest virtual 4/20 celebration" event.

The set will feature Wiz's "favorite tracks to smoke to" and celebrate the 4/20 Day release of his The Saga of Wiz Khalifa EP.

In a statement, he said: "Super excited to hang with the Weedmaps smokers all over the world. I'm even more pumped to be able to share a new project on a holiday everyone loves."

The livestream, featuring an acoustic set by Billy Ray Cyrus during which he will debut his new single "Hillbilly Ray," will be available via Weedmaps' website, from 3pm EST on Monday.

Advising fans to smoke on their own to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Cyrus added: "Be a Bogart. If you care, don't share. Don't pass your joint or pipe around, it's just not safe to do right now. Let's all take a breather, chill out on 4/20 and jam to some new music. We're gonna have a good time."

Also on the bill for the event are Stephen Marley, Tycho, Ari Lennox, Joey 'CoCo' Diaz, Berner, Alchemist, Tony Hinchcliffe, Chaunte Wayans, and Kitty Kash, with all artists collecting donations for Last Prisoners Project, a non-profit aimed at freeing the 40,000 Americans currently in jail for cannabis offenses.

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Take it to the dome piece dolo


Apparently it looks very exciting video and I read the whole content as well.Wiz Khalifa did a great job and thrilling performance but its something above that.Smoking is badly injurious for health and specially for lungs.I read on https://www.travelclinicny.com/ that smokers may easily get contract with this coronavirus so its high time to abdicate such harmful addictions before it gets too late.I liked the post.Thanks for sharing.


This is the day that we all need to come together and smoke like me and my homies r going to do.