Wiz Khalifa Dips After Police Chief Injured By Bottle In Park City, Utah

Mike Winslow

The Chief of Police in Park City, Utah was hit with a bottle when he tried to shut down a Wiz Khalifa concert.

(AllHipHop News) Wiz Khalifa ridiculed the cops in Park Lake City, Utah over the weekend, after they shut down the weed-smoking rapper's show at Park City Live.

Midway through his appearance, cops conducting compliance checks crashed the venue and commanded Wiz to put out his weed, but the rapper refused.

During the confrontation, someone in the crowd threw a bottle and injured Park City Chief Of Police, Wade Carpenter.

According to The New York Post, Officer Carpenter escaped with minor injuries, while Wiz admittedly fled the venue during the pandemonium.

So far, no one has been arrested for injuring Chief Carpenter but a probe into the incident is ongoing. 

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Park Lake City 😂


Why try to ruin a concert where everyone is enjoying themselves to ask about some fucking weed. You play stupid games, get stupid prizes.