Wiz Khalifa Rates Himself On Father’s Day

Wiz Khalifa says his son sees him as “superdad.”

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) Father’s Day falls on Sunday June 17 and this year, Wiz Khalifa steps up to be father of the year.

In an exclusive interview with AllHipHop.com, the TGOD rapper speaks on his relationship with Sebastian, his child with Amber Rose.

“I love my son. I love being a dad. I love spending time with my boy. It's my favorite thing to do. Especially when I'm ripping and running or if I'm on a road for like two, three weeks, just to go home decompress and his chill with him and not do nothing.”

Wiz said Sebastian viewed him as more than a rapper. Wiz is a superhero to his son.

“Superdad. ‘Cause he gets to see me do everything. I take him to the gym with me. I got a studio in the house so he sees me write music," Wiz told AllHipHop.com. "I show him my music videos and we rap them together. His friends at school know what I do too, so they’re always constantly reminding him.”

Wiz Khalifa also rated himself as a 10 out of 10 as a father.

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