Woman Admits She Was Driver In Nipsey Hussle Murder But Abruptly Stops Talking

A woman who is accused of driving Nip's killer to and from the scene, actually did an interview.

(AllHipHop News) The woman who drove the getaway car for the man who shot and killed Nipsey Hussle is facing serious charges too if she doesn't turn herself in soon.

According to Police Chief Michael Moore, the cops are hunting Eric Holder for gunning down Nipsey and killing him on Sunday (March 31) and injured two of his associates.

During a press conference today, police said they were looking for a white a 2016 White 4 door Chevy Cruze, which was waiting for the late rap star.

The cops sent a message to the woman witnesses said drove the getaway car, warning she could face charges of aiding and abetting, or worse, conspiracy to commit murder.

TMZ.com managed to track the unidentified woman down using an automotive invoice for work done to the car in question last June.

Reps said they called the number and a woman answered. She admitted she drove Eric Holder to the scene and waited in an alley as he went over to the Marathon clothing store.

She claims she had no clue that Holder had just killed Nipsey and shot three other people when he got in the vehicle and they drove off together.

The woman refused to answer any questions - like where she took Holder after the shooting - and hung up without answering any more questions.

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psyop and hoax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The bitch involved, like she didn't hear the 6 gunshots, smhhhhh