Woman Allegedly Stole Taraji P. Henson's Identity And Went On A Shopping Spree

Taraji was the victim of a serial con artist.

(AllHipHop News)* A Chicago woman made an appearance in court over the weekend over charges she stole the identity of "Empire" actress Taraji P. Henson and scammed people out of tens-of-thousands of dollars.

Alicia Newby managed to get into Henson's email account, where she pilfered a variety of data, including phone numbers, email addresses, and financial information.

Newby then hit the Internet and went on a shopping spree and ordered over $12,000-thousands of dollars in merchandise, which were sent to bogus addresses on the Southside being leased by Newby in another victims name.

Alicia Newby also assaulted a U.S. Postal worker who refused to deliver some questionable packages to the bogus addresses, before making a scene at a local post office in pursuit of her booty.

Investigators started looking into the case when Taraji noticed the suspicious purchases on her credit card statements and the odd deliveries.

She was eventually caught when she attempted to pawn a stolen purse at a local pawn shop.

Alicia Newby was hit with a felony charge of running a continuing a financial crime enterprise and released on a $10,000 bail.

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