Woman At Center Of Kevin Hart Sex Tape Scandal Revealed

The woman who was caught in an explicit video with Kevin Hart has been identified.

(AllHipHop News) The woman at the center of a cheating/sex tape scandal with Kevin Hart has been unmasked.

According to TMZ.com, the woman is a traveling stripper named Montia Sabbag.

The woman allegedly travels from city to city to dance in strip clubs around the United States.

In mid-August, Montia and a group of her friends were in Las Vegas when they allegedly met, partied and had sex with Kevin Hart.

Montia has denied that she is the extortionist attempting to blackmail Kevin Hart with sexually explicit videos that were allegedly recorded without his consent.

The extortionist, who is being investigated by the FBI, has demanded at least $500,000 from Kevin Hart or the tape will be leaked.

Over the weekend, Kevin took to Instagram to issue a heartfelt apology to his wife Eniko, and his family.