Woman Beat Up By Da Brat Claims Rapper Is Still Hiding Her Money To Avoid Paying

A former cheerleader who was hit in the face with a bottle claims Da Brat has failed to pay her for the assault.

(AllHipHop News) A woman who says Da Brat owes her almost $8 million dollars is asking a judge to dismiss her bid to file for bankruptcy, claiming she is hiding her assets.

Shayla Stevens sued the rapper and won a $6 million judgment in 2014 after she suffered permanent facial scarring, neurological impairment because Da Brat struck her in the face with a bottle at an Atlanta, Georgia club in 2007.

Da Brat served three years in prison for the crime and after years of failing to pay the debt, she was threatened with jail time in October of 2018, if she didn't cough up some money to Stevens.

In August of 2018, Da Brat filed or Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Stevens has been fighting her ever since.

In the latest round of court action, Shayla Stevens claims Da Brat continues to evade her requests for details concerning her earnings.

She also says Da Brat deleted text messages that could have been pertinent to the creditors in her case, which also includes a $1.2 million debut to Sony Music and $12,000 to Ally Bank.

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What's wrong with an honest opinion these days... Biased view I guess


Of course she’s hiding her $ the scumbag bitch. The system is bullshit.. you may win a judgment but they don’t collect the $ for you OR make sure you get that $.. YOU gotta chase them.. YOU have to take them to court to figure out their finances. It’s fucking ridiculous.