Woman Busted For Vandalizing Government Buildings In Support Of A$AP Rocky

She also demands to know why she’s not getting any press.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) While the world remains baffled and upset over Sweden holding A$AP Rocky hostage behind bars, one woman is going above and beyond.

Rebecca Kanter was arrested by Secret Service agents on July 23, after disturbing the House of Sweden at 2900 K Street NW.

This wasn’t the first incident either. One day prior, Kanter allegedly threw an open glass Coke bottle at the doorway and even threatened to blow up the building.

By the time the authorities could step in, she had left the scene. An affidavit was issued by the Secret Service stating “Be on the Lookout” for her.

The next afternoon, she returned and surprisingly got through security, proceeding to curse and scream at the staff while making a statement about Rocky’s situation.

She even kicked over a coffee table but refused to leave when asked. She responds, “Call the cops, I’m not leaving.”

It looks like she’s also looking for social media clout.

On social media, she vented, "Why isn't it breaking news that I defiled the House of Sweden last night, that I vandalized the Wold Bank, that I vandalized the IMF ... why aren't I getting press for ASAP.”