Woman Charged With Attacking Foxy Brown Freed; Brown Refuses To Testify

The woman charged with assaulting Foxy Brown was released from Rikers Island yesterday (June 28), because the rapper refused to talk to a grand jury.

Roshawn Anthony, 23, was originally hit with robbery and assault charges, stemming from an altercation with Foxy Brown in the Louis H. Pink Houses last Saturday (June 23).

Anthony was freed because Brown, born Inga Marchand, refused to tell a grand jury about the attack, in which she was allegedly assaulted and robbed of her purse,hearing aid and $500 in cash.

Brown, 27, was allegedly assaulted by Anthony at the behest of her boyfriend, an alleged pimp named Timothy Collier, when she attempted to call of their relationship after finding out about his criminal past.

Collier called Anthony and three other women who attacked Brown.

The rapper initially cooperated with the police and pointed out Anthony, but recanted her statements, as she and her manager Chaz "Slim" Williams downplayed the entire incident.

"Two hours after I got her home, we had all her property back," Williams told AllHipHop.com shortly after the incident. "Foxy aint going to no courthouse, we don't know anything about any robbery, pimps, or boyfriends."

Prosecutors still have six months to try and win an indictment against Anthony, but only if Brown cooperates.

Anthony is due back in court on Aug. 9.