Woman Claims It's Usher's Fault Her Baby Was Stillborn

AllHipHop Staff

A woman is accusing Usher of some shocking allegations in a case where the singer is accused of spreading herpes.

(AllHipHop News) Some serious allegations have been revealed against Usher in court filings surrounding allegations he gave several people herpes.

First up is a man suing Usher, who claims he had sex with the singer in a Koreatown bathhouse.

Another unidentified woman in the case claims made claims that were a bit more serious.

The woman claims that after having sex with Usher, she found a bump in her mouth and in her vagina.

To make matters worse, she claims her sexual contact with Usher directly resulted in her having a stillborn twins.

A third woman in the case named Quantashia Sharpe maintains she had a sexual relationship with Usher as well and videotape the encounter with the singer.

All three are represented by high-profile attorney Lisa Bloom.

Earlier today, the identity of a woman in a case against the singer in Georgia has been revealed.

Laura Helm is suing Usher for $20 million, claiming she had sex with Usher after he wooed her with tales of his humanitarian work in Africa.

Usher's attorney, Zia Modabber, told TMZ:

"Usher will defend himself vigorously in court against these opportunistic claims and we will not comment further on private legal matters."