Woman Declared Hostile Witness In Freaky Zeeky Shooting Trial

The murder trial of

a man accused of shooting Dip Set member Freaky Zeeky started yesterday (September

27th), but not without a bit of drama.

Chauncy Dillon

is on trial for allegedly shooting Freaky Zeeky and wounding him, while a second

man, Eric Mangrum was killed in an early morning shootout.

The prosecutions

lead witness in the case, Shania Davis, took the stand, but couldn’t remember

details about the shooting.

When she had a

hard time recalling any details surrounding the April shooting, prosecutors

confronted Davis with her police statement from last year.

In her police statement,

Davis alleges Dillon admitted to opening fire as they escaped from the scene

of the shooting via the West Side Highway.

Despite being confronted

with her own statement, Davis still could not recall any of the details from

the evening, leading the judge to declare her a hostile witness.

Dillon denies shooting

Freaky Zeeky and claims he was trying to break up a fight. Prosecutors said

they will produce four witnesses to the altercation who claim otherwise.

John Mingo and

Herndon Williams are facing murder charges as well, but the two men will be

tried separately.

The entire incident

started when Zeeky and Mangrum were involved in a fender bender in Manhattan.

According to reports, the two parties could not come to a resolution in regards

to the damage and the incident escalated into a shootout.

Prosecutors allege

that Dillon, Mingo and Williams’s real motive was to rob the rapper of

his jewels.

Zeeky, who is serving

time in prison on unrelated charges, is expected to take the stand today.

Shortly after the

shooting, Zeeky talked about the accident that fateful night.

“I was like

you know what I'ma go and see Jim [Jones] and before I could even park somebody

hit the car,” Freaky Zeeky told AllHipHop.com. “The only thing on

my mind is how much of a dent is in my car. So we got out to converse and talk…Next

thing I know, a gun is in my face now and the dude got his hand wrapped around

my chain saying give me the motherf*cking chain. So I'm like, I'm shocked while

all of this is going on. I'm like "aww man." I don't know what made

me say no but I said nope and I just went with my instincts, which was to grab

him and stuff and from there it was all prayers.”

Zeeky said that

in addition to being shot, the assailants ran him over, dragged him and ran

him into a building.

“It was

a blessing that I made it out alive,” Zeeky said. “Unfortunately

my friend Eric didn't. He was a good friend of mine who I was actually giving

a position to that night. It was his daughter’s birthday.”