Woman Says Russell Simmons Raped Her And He Wanted To Rape Her Son Too

AllHipHop Staff

Russell Simmons' 16th accuser is suing him for $10 million over some new, weird sexual accusations.

(AllHipHop News) Rap mogul Russell Simmons has been hit with another disturbing sexual assault allegation by a woman who claims he threatened to rape her son if she didn’t pleasure him.

The unidentified woman has filed a lawsuit against the embattled Def Jam co-founder, accusing him of raping her in a Sacramento, California hotel room.

In court documents obtained by DailyMail.com, she claims Simmons invited her to his hotel room after a concert in the city she attended with her young son, who she had dropped off at home before they arrived at the music mogul’s hotel.

He allegedly assured her he wasn’t interested in sex because he was dating a top model, but his attitude changed once he was alone in the room with her.

“After entering the room, Simmons shut the door and said, ‘I am going to f##k you’,” the papers read. “Plaintiff said she had no intention of having sexual relations with Simmons – but he replied ‘I am going to f##k you or I’m going to f##k your son. You decide…’ Simmons threw her on the bed and raped her.”

The woman was spotted leaving Simmons’ room in tears, according to witnesses.

She is seeking $10 million in punitive damages for the “severe emotional distress” the alleged incident caused her.

The woman is now the 16th to come forward and accuse the rap mogul, entrepreneur, and author of sexual misconduct.

He has vehemently denied all the accusations against him, insisting all his encounters have been consensual.

Simmons has temporarily closed his Instagram account while he works on “becoming a more useful” servant of god amid the sex abuse scandal.

The 60-year-old has jetted off to Indonesia in the wake of being accused of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse for a little rest and relaxation at the Yoga Barn retreat in Ubud, Bali.

Russell seemed to address the latest round of allegations in a new post on his Instagram page.

"While i could speak about injustice i choose to embrace struggle and see what i can learn from it I choose to remember that God is grooming me for his kingdom," Russell Simmons wrote.

"It is far beyond these small moments of struggle GOD Is teaching us to be flexible and happy through and despite difficult poses #yoga I almost wrote that in a FUNNY way these allegations are bringing me closer to God and then i realized that they are inspiring me in a DIRECT AND PROFOUND WAY , they are for sure speeding up my journey toward #Enlightenment," Russell Simmons added.