Woman Says Usher Is Hiding His Money In New Herpes Lawsuit Filing

AllHipHop Staff

A woman claims Usher could be doing funny things with his money so he can avoid paying damages.

(AllHipHop News) A woman who has accused Usher of giving her herpes is slamming the singer for allegedly hiding his assets in her $20 million lawsuit against him.

The Georgia woman accused the Yeah! hitmaker of infecting her with the sexually transmitted disease last month. According to TMZ, the anonymous woman, identified as Jane Doe, is now alleging Usher is fraudulently transferring all of his assets to avoid them being seized if a judgment is granted.

The woman accuses Usher of giving his money to others to hide it, but reportedly admits she has no proof.

In legal documents obtained by the outlet, her lawyer suspects Usher is trying to move the funds because he delayed the discovery process by 90 days.

Usher has not commented on the latest accusations, but he denies the previous claims and asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit last month.

Meanwhile, Usher previously told friends he was never with Quantasia Sharpton, another woman who is suing the singer for putting her at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

The star, who is facing a lawsuit from the 21-year-old, has denied claims he had sex with her at a Days Inn hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey after a concert in the city.

Sharpton claimed one of Usher’s aides took her phone number after he spotted her in the crowd and she met up with the R&B hunk at her hotel.

She alleges Usher never mentioned he had herpes, which she contracted.

Sources close to Usher claimed that he was too busy falling in love with Grace Miguel, his manager and now wife, at the time of the incident, and was still backstage at the show when she claimed he was romancing her.

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Usher i been a fan of your music since jd days and i will continue to be loyal.i hope you can get thru and overcome your legal woes.