Woman Who Claims Nelly Raped Her Says He's Bullying Her Over Her Identity

The woman believes she could be seriously harmed if she has to publicly reveal her identity.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Nelly is being accused of using the court system to "intimidate" a woman who claims the rap star sexually assaulted her.

The rapper, who has not been charged and is cooperating with authorities in the U.K., is accused of trying to get the court to publicly identify "Jane Doe."

She claims its a bid to scare her into dropping the case, in the latest round of filings.

“Nelly is attempting to intimidate his sexual assault victim into dropping her case by publicly ‘outing’ her,” Jane Doe’s attorney wrote in a new filing, claiming the rapper already knows the alleged victim's identity.

Nelly recently went to Essex, England, to help out investigators, who are looking into the woman's sexual assault allegations.

Jane Doe says the hitmaker masturbated in front of her and forced his erect penis into her mouth backstage after a show in Southend on December 5, 2017.

The woman is asking the judge overseeing the case to dismiss Nelly's bid to have the case dismissed and allow their court battle to continue.