Woman Who Drove Nipsey Hussle's Killer To & From Murder Scene Granted Immunity

Transcripts from a grand jury hearing are public and new details about Nip's death have been revealed.

(AllHipHop News) The unidentified woman who drove the man from the scene of Nipsey Hussle's murder has been granted immunity from prosecutors.

Transcripts from a recent grand jury recently hit the Internet, and some new information regarding the rap star's March 31, 2019 murder have been brought to light.

The woman told prosecutors that she was in an intimate relationship with Eric Holder.

On March 31, the pair decided to get some fast food from the strip mall which housed Nip's Marathon Clothing Store when they saw the rap star standing in the parking lot with several associates.

The woman claimed she pulled into an alley because there weren't any available parking spots and exited the car with Eric Holder.

The woman said she overheard the pair having a calm discussion over accusations Eric Holder may have been snitching.

She took a picture with Nipsey and returned to her car to wait for Eric Holder, who came back to the car and ate his food.

As the pair were leaving, she said Eric Holder pulled out a gun and started loading it but she supposedly told him: "you're not gonna do a drive-by in my car."

She still shuttled Eric Holder back to The Marathon Clothing Store, where she parked her car again after Eric Holder instructed her not to go anywhere.

The woman insists she didn't see Eric Holder take the gun he had just loaded as he exited her vehicle and she didn't feel anything was wrong.

Then she told the grand jury that she heard two shots, and she still didn't think anything of it when Eric Holder retreated to her car, or when he shoved one of two guns inside of his empty fast food bag.

The woman says Eric Holder threatened to slap her a few moments after he entered the car.

Even when she saw the news breaking about Nipsey's murder on social media, the unidentified female claims it never occurred to her Eric Holder could have been the gunman.

She testified that the next evening she received a call from Eric Holder and decided to pick him up from his cousin's house. She ultimately helped him get a motel room.

She said she left for work and eventually returned to the Motel to confront Eric Holder about his alleged involvement when his name started surfacing as a suspect just hours after the rapper's brutal slaying.

The woman said she asked Eric Holder several times if he was the gunman, but he refused to respond. It was at this point that she went to the police to help them nab the accused killer.

Eric Holder is currently charged with one count of attempted murder, two counts of attempted murder and other felonies.

Holder is currently being held on a $7 million bond and he is being held in isolation for his safety.

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And all Nipsey’s homies who were standing there were probably gonna let this guy walk. Code of the streets is so stupid .


She turned herself in claiming she didn't know what he was up to..



She about to be: https://media0.giphy.com/media/26vUHUISDbIlFfPC8/giphy.gif