Woman Who Was Threatened By Cardi B's Publicist Calls The Rapper's Crew A "Mob"

Things started off a little rocky for Cardi when she landed in Australia.

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B was in no mood to deal with photographers when she landed in Australia over the weekend for a performance at the Origin Fields Festival in Perth.

Her lack of enthusiasm when she was greeted by the paparazzi did not sit well with the local photographers, including one who decided to remind Cardi she was in "Australia now."

A nastier confrontation ensued when a female photographer who started talking slick, said, "No wonder your husband left ya."

Cardi's longtime pal and loyal publicist Patientce Foster stepped up and threatened to smack the woman for her disrespectful comments.

"B##ch, I'll smack the s##t out of you...don't ever come out your mouth about her motherf##king husband. Watch your mouth,' Patientce yelled.

Now, that woman has come forward saying she was completely shook after the confrontation.

The woman, who only identified herself as Jane, insists she only made the comments because Cardi was ignoring kids.

"There were so many young kids that just wanted a picture with her and she ignored them and put a blanket over her head,' Jane told Daily Mail Australia.

"I thought, "Damn, I'm going to say something." I'm not violent or racist it was just unacceptable behavior," she added.

The woman claimed she was in fear of her safety and labeled Cardi B and her crew a "mob," even though the rap star was only with her publicist and one man.

"I thought they were going to hit me. They're a nasty mob," Jane said.

As for Cardi, she addressed the incident too and blamed racism was the at the root of the entire ordeal.

"So as soon as I got here, you know, paparazzi's all in my face, and I get that, I understand that," Cardi said on Instagram Live on Sunday. "But what didn't sit well with me was this man telling me, 'You're in Australia now...you're playing by our rules'...It don't sit well with me when a white man tells me that s##t. Like, excuse me? Sir...you think this is the 1800s? Are you crazy? Like, do you think that people are still getting oppressed or something?"

Cardi B's performance down under went off without a hitch. Take a look at her racing performance for her fans in Australia.