Women’s Groups Protest Joe Budden; He Responds

An underground mixtape remix to Usher's hit song

"Confessions" has come under fire by a pro-life group, due to some controversial

lines by rapper Joe Budden.

Black Americans for Life, an outreach of the

National Right to Life Committee which represents 3000 chapters in all 50 states

and the District of Columbia , took issue with the line: "Pray that she

abort that if she's talkin' 'bout keepin' it/One hit to the stomach, she's leakin'


They charge that the song has started to get airplay on some radio stations.

The mixtape version is Budden's spin on thoughts

that might course through a man's mind when he finds out he is powerless when

it comes to the question of abortion.

"Its some mixtape s**t that didn't even

travel too far," Budden told AllHipHop.com. "Everybody's heard the

original Usher song and I'm just saying what a guy's mindstate is when he's

put in that situation. Like it or not, that's a guy's mind state. That's how

it can be when you are put in a powerless situation."

The director for Black Americans for Life said

the organization is urging African-Americans to call radio stations that might

air the song and request that it be pulled from play lists.

"These lyrics are demeaning and outright

violent toward both women and unborn children," said Day Gardner, director

of Black Americans for Life. "It is appalling to suggest that a man attack

a woman to cause the death of her unborn child."

Another organization, Care Net, a network of

750 crisis pregnancy centers, joined in and launched a grass roots campaign

today (July 1) calling on Island/Def Jam records and radio stations to pull

their support of the song as well.

"Are they concerned that one in three African

American pregnancies end in abortion, that over 1,200 black children die every

day, and an estimated 70 percent of abortion providers are in minority neighborhoods?"

asked Star Parker, a member of Care Net's board of directors. "Abortion

in the black community has become a form of genocide."

In light of the political climate, Budden questioned

the motives of his detractors.

"Its real funny how these people grab what

they want to grab," he charged. "The lyrics don't support beating

on women. I don't even say that I am beating on women."

Budden himself went through a stormy two-year

relationship with the mother of his child and ironically, Budden was a victim

of domestic violence when his ex-girlfriend stabbed him, nearly killing him.

Though he never pressed charges, he temporarily

stayed with her and they have a child together, Joe Jr.

""When you get somebody pregnant, you

can make suggestions, but the bottom line is they [women] have the end say-so,"

Budden said. "As a guy, you wonder 'What can I do to take that power away?'

As negative as it is, that's what comes to mind. That still doesn't make [violence against women] alright and I don't support that. In Hip-Hop, we talk about reality

and what is the truth and that is the truth. I might stir up a lot of confusion,

but if you don't like it, turn it off."