Woodstock 50 Postpones Ticket On-Sale Date

The April 22nd date is in question.

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) The Woodstock 50 festival is still a mess.

Recently, sources claimed the original sale date of April 22 to purchase tickets to the event was going to be postponed.

The agents for some elites on the bill, including Jay-Z, Chance The Rapper, Miley Cyrus, Imagine Dragons, and Halsey, reportedly received a notice from the talent buyer of the fest, Danny Wimmer Presents.

It read, “There is currently a hold on the Woodstock 50 on-sale date. We are waiting on an official press statement from Woodstock 50 regarding updated announce, ticket pricing, and overall festival information. We will get this information to you as soon as we receive it."

A spokesperson for the festival seemed to have no worries.

In a statement to Variety organizers stated: "Woodstock is a phenomenon that for 50 years has drawn attention to its principles and also the rumors that can be attached to that attention. Just more rumors."

The festival is slated for August 16 through 18 for their 50th anniversary, fittingly the same exact dates the inaugural 1969 Woodstock 50 took place.

Sadly, they were unable to lock in the original location and now the festival is at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in Upstate New York.

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