World Reknown DJ's, Drummers, to Perform In Los Angeles

On December 29th Los Angeles' best drummers and

DJ's will gather to celebrate and perform at the showing of "Keepintime:

Talking Drums and Whispering Vinyl," a short documentary film that has

won both national and international acclaim.

Nu-Mark (Jurassic Five), Jrocc (Beat Junkies),

DJ Babu Beat Junkie/Dilated Peoples), Madlib (Loot Pack), DJ Short Kut (Skratch

Pickles/Beat Junkies) will all perform along side of the prolific drummers that

are featured in the documentary. DJ Shadow will also be on site to perform a

special set.

Expected at the event are prolific drummers Earl

Palmer the most recorded drummer of all time, Paul Humphrey who played on Marvin

Gaye's "Let¹s Get It On," and James Gadson who gained popularity

for sharing the stage with Dyke and The Blazers, Charles Wright and Bill Withers.

The film is dedicated to the late Roy Porter,

who played on "Night in Tunisia" with Charlie Parker, and who was

also supposed to be in the film but passed away before funding was found for

the project.

"Keepintime" won the Audience Award

at the DFilm Festival in Seattle, and has been shown at various places around

the world such as Rock Steady Film Festival in New York, South by Southwest,

the Edinburgh Film Festival, Black August in Cuba, Digi Dance at the Sundance

Film Festival, and locally at Track 16 in Bergamot Station.

The film was also shown as part of DJ Shadow's

18-city tour in Europe and the U.S, and was the headliner for the Getty Museums

Deep Fried Live event this summer. DJ Shadow was responsible for editing together

the soundtrack of the film, and also composed the theme.

Brian Cross (B+), a Los Angeles-based photographer,

and author of "It's Not About A Salary: Rap, Race and Resistance in Los

Angeles," organized the project with backing from Tokion magazine.

"There hasn't been the right space for this

dialogue," Cross told "Where DJ's and drummers can

actually interact and not just play on top of each other. The film explains

the possibility and creates the chance to have a live performance. The intention

is to do a series with hip-hop producers and the musicians who influence them."

Cross recently completed "Brazilintime,"

which was funded by the Red Bull Music Academy. This film explores the links

between Brazilian music and it's cross-pollination with American soul. He intends

to bring both the DJ's and drummers from "Keepintime" to Brazil.

The December 29th showing of the film will be

the last chance to see all of the drummers and DJs together. It will also be

recorded live for the production of a DVD.The event is expected to be sold-out,

and many legendary musicians and performers will be in attendance.

"The real possibilities in music are not

being explored by the MTV's or BET's. We need to really listen to our elders.

This is my way of ancestor worship," said Cross.

Tickets to this historical musical event are

$20. Doors open at 8pm. Tickets are available at:,,

Aaron¹s Records, Fat Beats, and