World War Z: The Zombie Apocalypse Screening w/ Metta World Peace

While the previews didn't completely explain what was going on in the movie World War Z, from the second scene of the movie on you realize that the world is in a state of anarchy and that "zombies" are taking over. Even though everyone was waiting for the epic shot of people climbing over each other seen in previews, there were a ton of other good parts in the movie that keep you on the edge of your seat. It is definitely a thriller and fully worth going to see in theaters in 3-D.

Combine the fear of a virus outbreak, sprinkle in some government thriller scenes, throw in the family guy Brad Pitt and this movie is sure to do numbers just in time for summer. What else do you want from a big budget blockbuster? After a year in which we saw a crazed man in Miami eat someone alive while on bath salts, the realness of this movie somehow hit home. There are real diseases and viruses out there that can wipe out the human race - that is abundantly clear after seeing this movie.

The Brad Pitt produced movie was full of special effects and high quality graphics, so viewers can tell this is a big budget flick. Where did the money come from? Well, Volvo and Pepsi both got plenty of shine in this movie as Pepsi was integral to the final scene's development. We don't want to give too much away though, so go check it out and comment after you see the movie.

Metta loved the movie, Tweeting about it and adding it to his Instagram. Check below:

Metta World Peace
Metta World Peace