WTF News: Wine Drinker Calls Police Because There Was Cork in His Bottle

Calling emergency services for stupid reasons has sunk to a new level of stupidity. An unidentified British man called 999, England's version of 911, to complain about pieces of cork in his bottle of wine. Apparently, he was trying to get his lush on at a bar but it just didn't go according to his plans.

Via the Mirror:

The caller claimed staff wouldn’t give him a refund – and asked officers if they could sort it out.

The man was warned about inappropriate calls to the emergency services and told he could be fined.

The man was in a bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter when he dialled ‘999’ and asked for police

Insp Phil Spurgeon said “He said he was having a dispute with staff because they would not give him a refund because his wine had bits of cork in it.

“They were trying to eject him because he was being difficult.

"We did not send anyone. The man was given advice.

"“These types of call tie up the emergency service lines.

"While a call handler is dealing with a call like it, someone else could be facing a real emergency.

"People who dial 999 for inappropriate reasons could find themselves being fined.”

So, since we're calling the police about dumb ish, can I put in a call about why I'm not a millionaire yet? Smh.