Wu-Tang Clan's RZA Shuts Down Xenophobia Against Asians

Kershaw St. Jawnson

RZA took it upon himself as a leader to speak out against any discrimination towards Asians during the coronavirus pandemic.

(AllHipHop News) The world has been molly-whopped by SARS-CoV-2 in a way that no other disease has ever affected the globe.

Most commonly known as COVID-19 or coronavirus, the disease, which originated in Wuhan China, is uber contagious.

Since December of 2019, the disease has spread throughout the world like fire-Beyoncé-gossip.

After many leading American politicians dismissed it as a foreign phenomenon or elevated flu, they woefully had to change their tunes as almost 200,000 people have contracted the disease in the United States - so far.

Now it is a pandemic. Now it is a national emergency.

Now the disease is a source for said politicians to point the finger and dig up another illness: racism.

President Donald Trump, who sits on top of the United States' political food chain, has publically linked COVID-19 to Asia.

He repeatedly calls the disease the “Chinese Virus,” garnering critique from people who say his attitude has added to the rise of violence against Asians in this country.

RZA has based so much of his career on creating a bridge between Asia and America through his music, which has been heavily influenced by Asian culture.

RZA took it upon himself as a leader to speak out against any discrimination towards Asians.

He went to Instagram and post:

“Peace and blessing to all the people of our communities. Community is a compound word derived from ‘Common’ and ‘Unity.’ What we all have in common is our Humanity. What we are unified in is our place under the sun. We are all being affected in some capacity by this Covid 19 virus. So when I hear that some people are singling out our ‘Asian’ brothers by attacking, discriminating, verbally abusing them, etc. It’s appalling and unacceptable. This conduct reduces us backwards to the racial bigotry that our communities have long fought against. Viruses, Bacteria, or any other harmful microbe does not discriminate their hot. This problem is a Human problem, so may we all stick together to combat it united as a Global Community.’

According to a report released by the Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council, at least 750 alleged racist or xenophobic incidents against Asian Americans have taken place across the country since March 18th.