Wu-Tang Clan's U-God Plans Memoirs For Next Year

AllHipHop Staff

Wu-Tang Clan's U-God will release a new tell-all detailing his stint as a member of the legendary rap group.

(AllHipHop News) Wu-Tang Clan founding member U-God will release a memoir next year.

The rapper, real name Lamont Hawkins, will detail his time with the hip-hop group in "RAW: My Journey Into the Wu-Tang Clan," which will hit stores in March.

The book will also center on his childhood and rise to fame.

"It's time to write down not only my legacy, but the story of nine dirt-bomb street thugs who took our everyday life - scrappin' and hustlin' and tryin' to survive in the urban jungle of New York City - and turned that into something bigger than what we could possibly imagine," the rapper said in a statement. "Something that took us out of the projects for good, which was the only thing we all wanted in the first place."

Last year, U-God sued his bandmates for $2.5 million, alleging he is owed back royalties.

His last album with the group was 2014's A Better Tomorrow.

He is reportedly not credited on Wu-Tang Clan: The Saga Continues, which will be released on October 13.

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U-God was the weak link in the Clan, they carried him for years...


I hope my name ain't in that book, I like a good novel, it's when you'll start rattle in and tattle in