Wu-Tang Hit With Lawsuit


was hit with another lawsuit. This time they are accused of battery,

false imprisonment, and defamation, among other allegations. The

plaintiff in the lawsuit, Bridget Gray, filed the lawsuit Tuesday

in California Superior Court, County of Los Angeles. Gray is suing

for an incident in which she alleges that members of the Wu-Tang

Clan made derogatory comments and held her against her will while

she was hired to appear in a Wu-Tang Clan video. As she was trying

to leave the shoot, it was reported the Papa Wu blocked her exit

with his car. She is seeking some $6,000,000. A year ago - Oct.

2, 1997 - a Chicago Loud Records promotion man filed a $2 million

suit against members of the Clan for allegedly beating him that

August, for talking about the group on the radio. The accusation

was followed eight days later by a suit by Juanita L. Evans, who

filed suit in Delaware County, Pa., against RZA and Method Man,

Rush Associated Labels rapper Redman, and a Pennsylvania university

and its student government association. Evans claimed Method Man

seriously injured her when he dove off the stage, and landed on

her, knocking her unconscious. She sought $50,000 in general damages

and $5 million in punitive damages. In Ol Dirt news, he showed

up for his court date in Beverly Hills, October 8th. His bail

was set at $150,000. He will remain in custody, until his bail

review hearing October 9th, unless he posts $100,000. His bail

my be lowered after his bail hearing if he can't post the $100,000.

He is being charged with 3 felony counts of terroristic threatening,

and faces 4 years in jail for his antics at the House Of Blues

(see last months news).