Wu-Tang Latino Releasing Debut Album

Hip-Hop label Wu Tang Latino has entered into an exclusive worldwide distribution deal with The Orchard Enterprises to release the label’s first album, Wu Latino Presents La Familia.

In addition to traditional distribution, the new compilation album will be sold by major online distributors like iTunes, Napster and Yahoo Music.

"As marketing research shows, digital sales went up 65 percent from the year 2005 to 2006," said Ron Campbell, executive VP of Wu-Tang Latino. "Due to that fact, this contract is a very important step up for the artists on our roster."

La Familia showcases Wu Tang Latino artists like Fly and Polzino, Mangani, Bachata and Brooklyn trio U-Krime.

"A lot of Hip-Hop and Latin artists are reaching out to make music with us, but at the moment we are very picky as to whom we work with," Wu Latino owner Rayroq Acosta said of the label‘s roster. "We don’t follow trends, we set them."

The first single released from the compilation is "Mama" by Wu Latino rap group Boyz del Barrio.

Wu Latino Presents La Familia is due in stores April 29.