Wyclef Accused Of Pulling Gun


has been accused of pulling out a gun, and pointing it at the

chest of Jesse Washington, the editor-in-chief of Vibe Magazines

latest venture, Blaze Magazine. Washington claims that while in

the Hit Factory, Clef rolled up tipsy and was distraught at the

fact that Washington was going to give Canibus a negative review,

based on an unfinished advanced copy that he possessed. He then

proceeded to point the gun at Washington. Upon second thought,

Washington decided to pull the review.


gave an official statement to MTV. Here it is: "Hi boys and

girls, how are you doing? This is Wyclef Jean, on MTV. They can

track you wherever you at. Right about now I'm here to talk about

a rumor that's spreading around town, you know, and personally

I feel like this is so he can do publicity to sell the new magazine.

Wyclef Jean pulls no gun. Wyclef Jean plays guitars, and I have

love for my family, respect for the artists that I roll with and

I respect the media very much, so Mr. Editor, if you're watching

this, my letter back to you is that my mom called me and she said,

'Hey 'Clef, I know you didn't'. I said, 'Mom, of course not, you

didn't raise me like that and everyone who knows me -- knows that

I'm all about the music.' So Mr. Editor, the song that I'm about

to sing is for you and it's for all my fans out there: (sings)

Look at all these rumors, spreading me every day. I need some

time, some time to get away. Did you hear that one about Wyclef?

Some said he pulled a gun, that comes from Mr. Editor who wants

to sell his magazines by the millions."


replied to Clefs statements saying that if he DIDN'T pull a gun,

why not sue for Libel? But then, if Clef DID pull the gun, why

not press charges?? Sounds like somebody wants publicity for their

magazine?? Who knows...