Wyclef Aids Haitians After Flood

Wyclef Jean was in

Haiti today, helping international aid workers clean up after massive flooding

left the northern cities under mud.

Over 700 people

died and over 1,000 are still missing. The U.N’s World Food Programme

is trucking in over 40 tons of food to help the residents of the affected cities.

"I came here

to see my people, to see their desperation and to assess the situation and see

how we can help," Jean told Reuters. "I want to be able to tell the

world about the disaster I witnessed here."

WFP country director

Guy Gauvreau said that over 175,000 people were affected by the flooding across

the entire country.

Haiti is one of

the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. The Red Cross is hoping to

raise $3 million dollars to help the flood victims.

The island was

already reeling from the departure of ex-President, who was forced into exile

after a violent revolt in February.

Jean announced

in July that he was planning a benefit concert for country which he hails. Jean

told reporters that he would like to see 2 million of Haiti’s eight million

residents attend.


gonna take the whole Caribbean coming in,” Jean told AllHipHop.com in

an April interview. “The United Nations, all of the nations coming into

Haiti. Not just for 6 months.”