Wyclef, Akon Team To Help Haiti, West Africa

Rapper/musician Wyclef and music executive Jimmy Rosemond will collaborate with R&B singer Akon for a series of high-profile charitable events, aimed at helping poor people in their respective countries of Haiti and Senegal.

Wyclef, Rosemond and Akon will travel to Haiti on Saturday (December 15) as part of Jean’s Yele Fest tour of local high schools, as well as some of the former child prisons in Port-au-Prince.

Yele Fest is designed to promote tourism in the country of Haiti and is designed to educate people about Haitian culture and art and to convey the message that the country is safe.

In return, Wyclef will perform at a major benefit being hosted by Senegal native Akon and the governments of various West African countries in 2008.

"I will use all of my influence and power to fulfill my role as Ambassador to Haiti and along with Jimmy Rosemond and Akon, we hope that our goodwill efforts will touch the world and inspire charitable giving," Jean told AllHipHop.com in a statement.

The idea was conceptualized by Rosemond, who like Jean, hails from the tiny island of Haiti.

"I am ecstatic to be a part of this great event in Haiti, and to have two great artists on stage together in a small island like Haiti will show the world that Haiti is on course to rebuilding its’ stature in the Caribbean. It is also monumental that a rap artist such as Wyclef has been named an official ambassador to Haiti and that too it is cause for celebration."

In addition to the concert, Rosemond, who also manages rapper The Game, will personally donate over 5,000 polo styles shirts, which will be distributed to school children to wear and to poor people in various poor sections of the country.

Details on the benefit concert in West Africa are expected to be announced next year.