Wyclef Formally Ends Presidential Bid In Haiti

Hip-Hop artist Wyclef Jean has formally ended his bid for the presidency of Haiti after his homeland refused to accept him on the ballot.

“After weeks of quiet but painstaking reflection with my wife and daughter, I have chosen to end my bid for the presidency of Haiti,” Wyclef said in a statement to CNN. “This was not an easy conclusion to reach; but it is one that was thoughtfully made, taking into account many, many competing factors and weighing the course that will best advance the healing of the country and help it find the quickest path to recovery.”

Haitian officials contested the legitimacy of Wyclef’s claims that he had been a resident of the nation for at least five years, a required marker for the presidency.

He said that the decision was difficult and that he wanted what was best for the people of his native land.

“This was not an easy conclusion to reach. Some battles are best fought off the field, and that is where we take this now. Our ultimate goal in continuing the appeal was to further the people’s opportunity to freely participate in a free and fair democratic process.”