Wyclef Helps Family Of Deceased Toddler

AllHipHop Staff

Wyclef Jean will pay

the funeral expenses for an 18 month old child who suffocated to death, after

being trapped between his bunk bed and his bedroom wall in Brooklyn, New York.

Jean's generosity

came after a story ran in the New York Daily News about the child, Daivon Richardson,

who was sharing the bed with several siblings in an East New York apartment.

"The story

itself is one of the most tragic things I've ever heard in my life," Jean

said. "To hear something like that, the way that it touched me, it was

very important to just take care of the cost of the funeral and try to find

a way to help the family further."

In addition to

paying the funeral costs, Jean sent a crib for the boy's 1 month old brother.

Isaac Mavorah, another New Jersey entrepreneur who owns a medical services company,

is offering sheets, cribs and mattresses to needy families that contact him.

Mavorah said needy

families can call him at (732) 695-1999 or E-mail freebabycrib@yahoo.com.

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