Wyclef Jean Records Venus Williams' Theme Music

Rapper/producer Wyclef Jean has recorded a track that will serve as Venus Williams' theme music during the 2008 US Open tennis tournament, which kicks off today (August 25) in Flushing, Queens.

Jean recorded the single "Venus (I'm Ready)," as a tribute to Williams, who recently won her third Olympic gold medal, with her sister Serena in the women's doubles match, during the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.

"I have been a fan of Wyclef's for many years, from his work with the Fugees to his success as a solo artist," Venus Williams told AllHipHop.com in a statement. "He's a fantastic writer, singer, producer and performer whose music crosses genres and touches people's lives. I am specially impressed by Wyclef's dedication to humanitarian causes and his strong sense of character."

Wyclef Jean and Venus Williams met each other for the first time during their taping of Iconoclasts, which airs on the Sundance Channel.

The series, which is in its fourth seasons, brings two successful people together from different backgrounds, to discuss their passions and creative processes.

"I was so happy to meet Wyclef and work with him on our 'Iconoclasts' episode but not even in my wildest imagination, did I expect that such a beautiful song would be one of the outcomes from meeting Wyclef," Williams continued. "He is an amazing human being and it is truly an honor for me to be recognized in such a wonderful way by such a gifted musician and exceptional person."

Williams will attempt to win her fourth US Open championship during the tournament, which runs from August 25 through September 7.

The Venus Williams/Wyclef Jean episode of Iconoclasts premieres November 13 at 10pm ET on The Sundance Channel.