Wyclef Jean Works with Asian Pop Star Sun

Rapper/producer Wyclef Jean is collaborating with multiplatinum Asian pop star Sun on the singer's forthcoming U.S. album.

The duo has been recording at Jean's Platinum Sound Recording Studio in New York and is working on an as yet unnamed single.

Sun describes the track as a feel-good song with lyrics that "tell everyone to get to the dance floor and dance away your problems. Who can't relate to that?"

"There are a few words in the song that may be difficult for most people to understand and with good reason," she said. "They're in my native language Mandarin."

Widely known as Singapore's equivalent to Madonna, Sun has enjoyed success mainly overseas.

The singer's U.S. album follows a string of singles, including international hits "Without Love" and "Ends of the Earth."

"I just love her voice and she is an artist I can really create something for and with," Jean stated about Sun, who expressed similar enthusiasm about working with the Fugees member. "He is fiercely passionate about the music and I hope everyone can catch this feeling as they listen," she said.

"Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Shakira, and Sun--What do they have in common?" said Jean. "They all bring their culture to their music. They say, 'This is who I am and who I represent. You're either gonna ride with me or you're not!'"

Other producers and songwriters contributing to the project include Denise Rich, Donna Summer, Desmond Child, Underdogs, and Diane Warren.