Wyclef: "Michael Jackson Owes Me Money"

Wyclef is world renowned as a producer, but he is also an accomplished business man and the Haiti-born rapper has charged that pop star Michael Jackson owes him money.

The revelation came from the rapper/producer during a stop in Sweden.

After being asked if he was jealous of Akon and Will.I.Am, who have recently recorded with Michael Jackson, ‘Clef revealed his thoughts to Kim Halling of The Voice TV.

"I was in the studio with Mike. Michael owes me money. Mike holla at me. You know the money that you owe me. You know what it is," Wyclef said into the camera.

Halling attempted to query Wyclef further on the nature of the debut, to no avail.

"I was in the studio, I’m very tough in the studio. And I feel like…I definitely wanna do some stuff with Mike. I played him some stuff.. Mike you know what it is, holla at me," the rapper stated, before stopping as he appeared to begin to reveal how Jackson owes him money.

Wyclef explained that he actually worked with Jackson circa 1997.

"I went in the studio with Mike. As a producer, when I go in, I’m very specific. Like when you go in the studio with me, you’re not Michael Jackson, I’m not Wyclef Jean. You know, it’s like a coach and a player. So, you gotta trust that the producer is gonna give you want he gotta give you."

The rapper explained why he continually spoke to the beleaguered pop sensation though the camera.

"Mike is always looking. Don’t sleep on Mike," he said.