Wyclef Officially Launches Refugee by DIA Clothing

Former Fugee's star and Haiti native, Wyclef Jean, has just announced the launch of his new clothing line called "Refugee by DIA Clothing."

DIA has created a stir in Europe with its unique fashion sense and in teaming with Jean the two hope to promote unity and cultural awareness.

Says Wyclef: "People buy Sean John because it's owned by Puffy. People buy Avirex because it's endorsed by Method Man. People will probably buy my line because it's owned by me, but they will walk away with more."

Refugee by DIA will combine elements of French, Italian and American style, with a focus on a mix of contemporary and cosmopolitan.

But according to Wyclef, the line's real design lies within its mantra, "We are all Refugees."

"'We are all Refugees' means that everyone is a refugee," Wyclef said. "Everyone in the United States is a refugee to some degree. No one's culture originated here."

Wyclef has long been an activist in his native homeland of Haiti and hopes to use his clothing line as another tool in his quest to help inform people of their ancestral struggles.

"In the past either our parents or ancestors left their homelands to come here for various reasons. People die because they are refugees. People need to remember that," says Wyclef.

"Refugee by DIA" is available at select retailers and runs between $30 and $600.

A woman's line will be available early next year.