Wyclef Planning Benefit Concert In Haiti

Wyclef Jean is planning

a benefit concert in Haiti later this year to promote peace in the country, which

was plagued by violence when the existing government collapsed.

Jean told reporters

on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia that he would like to see 2 million of

Haiti’s eight million residents attend.

"I was in

Haiti three weeks ago and I was hanging out on the block in the ghettos, in

the baddest parts of town, with no security. All that stuff you see on the news

recently, with the guns and things, I didn't see none of that."

Recently, US Secretary

of State Colin Powell called on international support to help rebuild Haiti,

the same thing Jean called for earlier this year.


gonna take the whole Caribbean coming in,” Jean told AllHipHop.com in

an April interview. “The United Nations, all of the nations coming into

Haiti. Not just for 6 months.”

Haiti is one of

the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere. International donors recently

pledged over $1 billion dollars to aid to help Haiti’s reconstruction


Jean recently released

an album in his native language of Creole called Welcome to Haiti,

a semiautobiographical tale about a young immigrant from Haiti who recently

moved to New York.