Wyclef Producing Album For Tom Jones

Wyclef Jean and

Jerry "Wonder" Duplesis are producing a new album for legendary singer

Tom Jones. For the first time in his career, Jones will write songs on the album

and has six songs finished. The untitled album, which Jones describes as one

of the most "exciting and refreshing of his career," came about when

Jones, Duplesis and Jean met last year to record a track for Clef's sister,

Melky. The three men kept running into each other throughout the world, and

Jones said the vibe was good enough that the Jean and Deplesis offered to produce

his album.

Wyclef sampled Jones' hit "What's New Pussycat?"

for his upcoming third solo album "The Masquerade." "Wyclef and

Jerry are brilliant," Jones said. "They have so many ideas and and

they have such a wide appreciation and knowledge of all styles of music, it's

almost unbelievable how creative they can be at any given time."

Jones says that he is very proud of the six songs

that he has already recorded and is extremely excited about the album. "They

know how to work with me, my voice, my history, and they know how to stretch

me while still making me find what's real. Even if this record doesn't sell

a single copy, by it's very nature it will make a lot of noise and I'm so proud

of it. I can't wait for this release!" Jones said.