Wyclef To Launch Caribbean Label, Speaks On Lauryn Hill

In addition to his Clef Records, which is distributed

by J Records, Wyclef Jean will be launching

a new record label. Sak Passé (Creole for "what's up) will focus

on releasing Haitian and other Caribbean music. Describing a Caribbean form

of music called Compas, Clef is highly confident the masses will catch on. ''Compas

can be in those forefront's if it's done right,'' Jean told the Miami Herald.

"The same way Chris Blackwell (founder of legendary label Island Music)

put reggae on the map, the compas beat is an incredible beat. The reason it's

at a standstill and hasn't gone past a certain level is people don't understand

what's being said. If I could take some of the beats and get some of the artists

to voice it in English, then people would start viewing it differently. Then

they'll be able to understand.''

Jean recently shot a video for "MVP Kompa,"

a track off his Masquerade album. The video is a rags to riches story

about a kid who comes to America to find his dream and works hard to become

an MVP. Jean says MVP stands for more than just Most Valuable Player. According

to Jean, it is also stands for "multicultural visionary pioneer" and

the MVP's are an extension of his Refugee Camp crew.

He also shed light on his recent arrest at New

York City's Mobilization For Education rally, which was held to protest Mayor

Bloomberg's educational budget cuts. ''There was no disorderly conduct on my

part,'' Jean said. "The police started yelling in my face. I went in to

talk on behalf of the kids. They arrested me and brought me to prison, all for

a cause which the mayor did hear.'

In addition, it appears that a Fugee's reunion

album will not see the light of day anytime soon. In February, Jean performed

at the Bob Marley concert Caribbean festival with Bob Marley's sons, Stephen

and Damian. Although he appeared on the same stage as his ex-band mate Lauryn

Hill, Jean did not see her or talk to her. ''I think she's in a different head

space,'' Jean continued. "I just wish her the best and hope she can come