X-Raided Finally Released From Prison After 26 Years

X-Raided is back on the streets after serving a long stretch for a gang-related murder.

(AllHipHop News) Sacramento rap legend X-Raided is finally a free man.

The rapper, born Anerae Brown, was released from a California prison over the weekend, having served 26 years of a 31 year bid.

X-Raided was charged with first degree murder and gang-related homicide.

He was eventually convicted for his role in a deadly gang related shooting in 1992 that left one woman dead, after lyrics to one of the songs from his album Xorcist helped garner his conviction.

During the 26-years X-Raided was incarcerated, he managed to release at least 13 albums.

His time locked up was also filled with drama.

Back in 2010, a group of rival gang members stabbed X-Raided seven times, as he served out his time at the Pleasant Valley State Prison.

The rapper was briefly hospitalized but swiftly recovered.

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OG did that. Wow. I remember when he was doing songs from jail.


Hello yeah homie THATS WHATS UP!


THATS WHAT'S UP!!! Congrats Homie!!! I had to do a week not too long ago and felt like Rocky with eye of the tiger in when i got out..26 years though?? don't Fuck up big homie. You know that system is built for you to go right back...