XXXTentacion Invites Fans To His Upcoming Court Date

AllHipHop Staff

XXXTentacion doesn't seem to be too confident regarding his upcoming sexual assault trial.

(AllHipHop News) New rap star XXXTentacion is asking his fans for help as he prepares to be tried for sexual assault charges.

XXXTentacion is facing witness tampering and domestic violence charges, for a series of assaults he committed against his ex-girlfriend, including rubbing a barbecue pitchfork against her vagina.

The rapper is facing a long stretch in prison for the sexual assault, and he could be sent to prison for life for the witness tampering charges alone.

Over the weekend, XXXTentacion posted details of his court date, in hopes of fans attending to offer up some support.

It looks like XXXTentacion doesn't have much hopes for beating the charges.

He posted a cryptic message to his Instagram stories, saying "it was fun while it lasted."
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@ThatDude, only trappers and weirdos get deals now. But we’ve got to put some blame on the new fan too who could give two shiits about talent and just wanna get lit and twerk. But it’s been proven that if you put it on the radio enough they’ll eventually like it even if they
initially hated it.


@Southcidal3 That's a very good question. We should start a list of A&Rs and the trash they sign and post it in here somewhere. This is way past ridiculous.


First we must investigate who signs these dudes? Who are the new school A&Rs deciding who get deals. I'd like AHH to do a story about the guys responsible for forcing this garbage on us.