XXXTentacion Isn’t Phased By The Gruesome Reports Of His Assault Against Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend

Apparently facing dozens of years in prison for beating up his girlfriend isn’t a big deal to XXXTentacion

(AllHipHop News) Rising rapper XXXTentacion doesn't seem to be too worried about critics, who blasted the rapper after court documents detailing a sexual assault Went public.

Late last week, XXXTentacion came under the microscope when documents were published detailing a gross sexual assault committed against his ex-girlfriend.

He is accused of bizarre and extreme behavior like using a barbecue pitchfork and stomping on the unidentified victim, even when she was pregnant with his child.

The rapper has finally replied to the allegations and his reply is just as crazy and tasteless as the allegations against him.

If XXXTentacion is convicted of the charges committed against his former girlfriend, he faces up to 30 years in prison.