XXXtentacion Reveals Anti-Rape Event Details

XXXtentacion is going ahead with his Anti-Rape event this month.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper XXXtentacion posted details of his anti-rape event later this month.

XXXtentacion is facing up to life in prison for witness tampering and for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend, while she was pregnant.

Over the past few months, XXXtentacion has been promising to host an anti-rape event, and he's going to deliver on his plans.

According to XXXtentacion, his "A Helping Hand" anti-rape event is being held on December 7 from 6-9 PM in Miami, to help survivors of rape and domestic abuse.

"This is an event for woman and men to come and share their own stories in order to help others, to show they are not alone! and to ultimately put our heads together to completely eliminate rape in our country all together!," XXXtentacion shared on Instagram.

"Please come share your stories! and speak to the youth to guide them through this traumatic period of their lives! also free music & free food! all states are welcome feel free to fly in to tell your story!" the "Look At Me" rapper continued.

Hopefully, the event will do just as much good for XXXtentacion, as it will for attendees.

XXXtentacion posted some disturbing, almost suicidal messages on Instagram last week, detailing his own experiences being abused, abandoned by his family and serving time in jail.