XXXTentacion’s Controversial New Video Was Made To Make White People Think

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A casting director for XXXTentacion's new video claims the new rap star is trying to make a statement.

(AllHipHop News) A casting director for XXXTentacion’s new video claims the clip is meant to make a political statement.

The director of XXXTentacion's new video "Look At Me" had a tough time casting actors and actresses for the controversial video.

"Look At Me," which features XXXTentacion being hanged, also showcases a six-year-old white kid, to get strung up by the rapper himself.

According to casting director at LaShawnna Stanley, they had to go through at least 20 kids, before finding a parent who would allow their child to be hung by the rapper. reports that the video shoot was pushed back a week, as Stanley convinced the child's mother that her child would be safe during the shoot for the video, which XXXTentacion claims is meant to make a political statement.

Per TMZ:

"As for that message -- LaShawnna says XXX wanted viewers to see ... what if it had been white men and boys getting hanged for 150 years in America."

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Well sheee-it! I actually liked some of that.. I'm surprised