XXXTentacion's Estate Launches Animator Contest For Official "Bad" Music Video

Read what the seven finalists have to say about their respective vision for the MV.

(AllHipHop News) Jahseh "XXXTentacion" Onfroy is set to be the next late music artist to have a posthumous album released. Skins is scheduled to arrive on December 7.

The new record "Bad" is already available on streaming services and online stores. Onfroy's estate, Bad Vibes Forever, and EMPIRE are launching a contest to choose an animator to create a music video for the single.

Fans can vote for one of the seven finalists at the XXXTentacion website. The artists contributed a 15-second clip as a sample of their work. Once voting ends on November 19, the winner will receive $10,000 to make the full-length visual which will be presented on XXX's official YouTube page.

Read the animators' statements below.

“I decided to go for a direction similar to my 'Look At M'e video. I assembled different inspirations and techniques to keep the video unpredictable and versatile just like X was. The energy will remain dark, funny and dynamic but you can expect very different visuals for the rest of the video. Here are some ideas I’d like to include: creatures from Greek and Egyptian mythologies, African patterns and masks, goth and metal aesthetics, a circus, anime and famous couples from pop culture turned into X and his girl. Oh, and furries.” - Gabriel Chaignon (@Gabyo)

“This visual will take viewers to another realm where the possibilities are endless. Led by X himself, the viewer will be taken through dynamic dimensions that alter reality. Breaking what's normal is the only way to see what lies beneath.” - Dugan Warmoth (@DuganWarmoth)

"I wanted to create a punk style that feels like now: a vibe that XXX really had a huge part of forging. I made this piece as a test/teaser for the original manga graphic novel I’m writing/illustrating, with characters inspired by X. I’m gonna do some fully animated hand drawn anime scenes where XXX fights demons/monsters/robots, flies through space, and chills with anime babes…duh.” - Darin Vartanian (@Pix3lface)

"When I came up with the visual for ‘BAD’, I was really inspired by the lyrics. The song is about a girl that he heard was bad news, even knowing that she was bad, he still was mesmerized and captivated by her. This visual is focused on the thought of a person or object that you know might be bad for you yet you still fantasize and are tempted by it. I wanted to capture the dark space inside someone’s mind, I feel we all possess that dark space, and the object or being that you are tempted by. This visual will venture inside of XXXTentacion’s mind as he contemplates temptation." - Anhia Santana (@Distortedd_)

“With this animation, I tried to capture dark & mysterious vibe of XXXTentacion’s persona and music. Subtle symbolism mixed with dynamic and bright visuals, showing grotesque and surrealism motive scenes. Traditional art style reminding oil paintings, watercolor & pen sketches are basically the feeling I tried to capture and will continue in full version of the video.” - Ayan Issin (@Aniports)

"This animation was inspired by X's mission to spread positivity and love which was sadly stopped when he passed away. In the animation we see X lost in a blank space fighting his demons after which he rises from his ashes like a phoenix on a mission to help the now dying Earth. Spreading his energy he extinguishes the fires and flowers bloom from the rubble.” - Jay Kzapa

“The full video will showcase X mainly in two environments; a stormy marsh and a spatial realm. X approaches a small budding plant sectioned off by caution tape that he helps give growth into becoming a massive energy-dispersing tree that consumes X. The video symbolizes growth and change.” - Tristan Zammit (@Tristious)