XXXTentacion Talks Being On "Super Demonic Sh*t" & Responds To Eric Andre's Criticism

Is the Florida rapper just trolling? Or are his statements a reflection of his actual beliefs?

(AllHipHop News) XXXTentacion currently has the #2 album in the country, but negative headlines continue to follow the Florida rapper.

Besides some outlets choosing not to cover XXX because of allegations he assaulted his ex-girlfriend, this weekend saw reports that the 17 album creator’s Tampa show was shut down leading to violence outside the venue.

XXXTentacion called into a live stream of the No Jumper podcast and made comments that will surely have some of his critics ready to pounce once again.

“Can I f-ck your girlfriend? I’ll do demonic things to her,” said the “Look At Me” performer to the show’s host "Adam22" Grandmaison. “Yeah, I be on some super demonic sh-t. I’m not going to lie.”

He continued, “I bond people through loyalty. Everybody’s in love with me, whether they realize it or not.”

The 19-year-old born Jahseh Onfroy also talked about possibly dying by 27. That number is associated with the so-called “27 Club” of entertainers that all died at the age of 27, including troubled stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse.

“I’m a very genuine person, if you haven’t noticed. I can’t be fake. It’s not in me,” added XXXTentacion. “I’m the type of n-gga to pretty much say what’s on my mind. If someone can’t appreciate that then they’re really not a good person."

Adam22 also asked his guest about comedian Eric Andre's denunciation of XXX and Kodak Black. He responded, "From a judgmental perspective I understand it. It's not ignorant, but it is ignorant at the same time. Because one, who the f-ck are you to judge me? Because behind closed doors, for all I know, you rape women. For all I know, you beat your wife... For all I know, you do horrible things to the people around you."

XXX also stated he no longer stands for violence, calling it "pointless." But he referred to Andre's action of "judging beforehand" a "pretty p-ssy thing to do." While not admitting he committed violent acts against any woman, XXX did admit he tried to mentally control women but he's since evolved to understand "the freedom of feminine energy."

XXXTentacion's 17 album is essentially a 22-minute audio diary entry addressing depression, anxiety, and emotional pain. The project could be viewed as an artistic representation of modern-day teenage angst or it could be an actual cry for help à la Winehouse's "Rehab" single.

"It's nothing that I can't do. I can do everything. I'm the king of music. I don't give f-ck what anybody says," XXX declared.

He also offered, "Subconsciously, I'm unifying people's minds. They're not going to realize I'm a genius until I'm dead. Nobody's going to realize the road I took was divine."

So was XXXTentacion just trolling in his No Jumper interview? Or were those statements about his “demonic” nature and his own death a reflection of his true beliefs? Listen to the interview above and decide for yourself.

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