Xzibit Attacked, Rap Career Not In Jeapordy

Xzibit was attacked by a group of alleged Mexican

gang members as he left a restaurant last weekend and required 50 stitches after

being struck with a 40 ounce bottle.

"He got into an altercation and was hit

with a bottle," a spokesman for Xzibit confirmed with AllHipHop.com. "He

got some stitches and is recovering, but he will be fine and his career is not

in jeopardy."

Reports had circulated that the attack damaged

his tongue, which is false. Xzibit is expected to make a full recovery and return

to his career of rapping.

Xzibit will star along side Busta Rhymes in the

film "Blood Money," and will also be featured on the soundtrack. He

will also be featured on Nate Dogg's upcoming self titled album on Elektra Records.