Xzibit On Man Vs. Machine

West coast rapper Xzibit

is preparing to release his new album, Man Vs Machine in June in time

for the summer. Dr. Dre, Battlecat, E-Swift and DJ Premier handle the the production

on “Man,” which was originally supposed to drop this month. With “Man,”

the follow up to his double platinum CD Restless, Will differ from his pervious


X says the newer CD represents many different things within, not only “typical”

hip-hop infatuations. Xzibit told AllHipHop, “So that’s my way of

looking at it. It’s a corporate world, corporate machine we got to battle.

It’s a social machine we got to battle. It’s all type of sh*t, so

I’m attacking it on that type of level.”

The rapper also admitted he wouldn’t stray too far from the current formula,

which helped him break the platinum mark for the first time. “It’s

still the same formula with Dr. Dre. And learning some stuff from him, and being

involved as an artist. As I get older, as I experience life, I try to take my

listeners through my process with me,” he said.

Ultimately, he said that he felt that music is as an important form of communication

as traditional news and the internet. “And we can continue to see [hip-hop]

grow. It’s like communication for everybody. If you don’t watch TV,

if you don’t get on the internet, if you walk outside-you are going to

hear some music,”

Xzibit said.

Man Vs. Machine hits stores in June and Xzibit’s “Restless”

DVD is currently in stores.