Yahoo Censors "Ghettopoly"

The owner of the controversial

board game "Ghettopoly" is upset at Yahoo!, after the company shut down

his E-Commerce abilities on the website of the same name that is selling the Monopoly


The site was shutdown

amidst complaints from various leaders in the black community, who condemned

the game, which features Pimp, marijuana and Uzi playing pieces.

"To say that

I am pissed off is an understatement," ownerd David Chang said. "I have been using

Yahoo store selling the same product for over 6 months now."

Chang said that

he was upset with the company because he was not breaking any laws or selling

anything illegal.

Chang said that

he was mostly upset over the outcry over the board game, because some rap music

contains lyrics that are similar to his board game, but have not provoked the

same outcry.

I will use all

legal resources to see that is will never happen again to anyone else,"

Chang said.