YBN Almighty Jay Reportedly Named A Suspect In Skinnyfromthe9 Robbery

There's video footage connected to the alleged theft.

(AllHipHop News) Yet another rapper could find himself behind bars. Over the last several months, 6ix9ine, Bow Wow, 21 Savage, Yung Nudy, Blueface, and YNW Melly have all been arrested for various alleged infractions.

YBN Almighty Jay could be added to the list. According to TMZ, the rapper/YouTuber (born Jay Bradley) is being investigated for felony grand theft.

The website reports:

We're told YBN Almighty Jay has been named a suspect felony grand theft in the police report. We're told YBN Almighty Jay and his entourage allegedly stole a $40k chain, $20k Rolex and $20k cash from rapper Skinnyfromthe9. In surveillance video, obtained by TMZ, you see 2 men approach Skinnyfromthe9 as he chills in a Range Rover. After a struggle, the 2 men hightail it outta there.

Jay and Skinny were reportedly in Chatsworth, California filming videos together. The money and jewelry were apparently being used as props for a skit.

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Some cats need to sell that image cuz talent ain't there


so they were doing vids together then this? why didn't guy in drivers seat do anything?