YFN Lucci Accused Of Stealing His Biggest Hit "Everyday We Lit"

AllHipHop Staff

Did YFN Lucci have to cheat his way on to the charts?

**(AllHipHop News)** Rapper YFN Lucci is accused of stealing his best-known single from another rapper.

Rackboy Cam claims he made his song "Everything Be Lit" before YFN Lucci dropped his single "Everyday We Lit" with PnB Rock in December of 2016.

In the lawsuit, Cam maintains YFN took his song and made minor changes, while stealing everything else, including the single's melody.

Cam is asking a judge to pull the Gold-certified song from the radio, record stores, and the streaming services.

He's also asking for any profits YFN Lucci may have earned off of the single.

Listen to them both: