YG and DJ Mustard Accused Of Ripping Off Poet and Stiffing Him


Hit rapper YG and producer DJ Mustard are being sued by an artist who claims YG ripped him off and stole his lyrics for his debut album, My Krazy Life.

by Mike Winslow

(AllHipHop News) According to a new lawsuit filed by Richard Russell, aka “Grimmis,” he befriended YG in early of 2014.

Their friendship led to an agreement which allowed YG to use some of his previously created poems to incorporate in YG’s debut My Krazy Life.

For instance, Russell claims his recited his poem “Bitch! Who Do You Love?” for the song “Who Do You Love,” featuring superstar rapper Drake.

While he’s thankful for his appearance on the track, Richard Russell claims he’s never been compensated for his part on the hit single.

Richard Russell also claims it was his original poem titled “The Gladiator” at the beginning of YG’s song “BickenBackBeingBool,” yet he’s never seen a dime for his efforts.

“Defendants have refused to pay Russell for any portions of his contributions and refused to discuss with him any form of compensation for his performances and literary contributions to the songs,” the lawsut reads.

Richard Russell is suing YG, DJ Mustard and Def Jam for copyright infringement and fraud and he seeks an undetermined amount of damages.